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Why do I need a VPN?

Normally you are anything else than anonymous on the Internet. Your IP address is like your passport on the internet. It clearly identifies you to everybody you deal with. Every time you try to access a website, download something (e.g. music or movies), post something on your social network or watch a stream, everything gets logged and stored by huge servers. Always linked to your IP address and you as a person. Please take one minute to think about, what you searched for, what you looked at on the internet and what you wrote to your friend's trough messengers or email. Now imagine, all these data gets logged, evaluated and stored by your ISP, your search engine and everybody who was involved in this process.


You sit at a local bar, they have "FREE WIFI" to what you connect to search for a funny but controversial picture that you want to send to your best friend. Nothing, your boss or somebody else than your friend should see.

Wifi Accress Infographic

The process:

  • Your inquiry runs trough the wifi-router and therefore the owner of this hotspot can see everything you do
  • The Wifi Router transmits your data to the ISP of the Wifi. They can identify you exactly by your device id. So now, the ISP knows where you are and what you try to see
  • Your Inquiry gets send to the search engine, that now also exactly knows who you are, where you are and what you are searching for. After it finds your results they get send to in reverse of this process.

So now, already three organizations have your data. You can never know, what they do with them. Do they sell it? Do they give it to authorities?

And that's just the beginning of this process. As we explained in our What is "VPN" Article the owner of the DNS Server, your computer needs to establish a connection, also knows everything about your browsing habits. On the Internet, your data gets send trough numerous servers, switches, routers and other network devices. If your data is unencrypted, everybody who has access to these devices can read your data.

Everything you see, download or search on the Internet is open to anybody and can easily be traced back to you. With that, they can draw a very clear picture of you.


With a VPN you can protect yourself from that. The Client encrypts all the data with the offered method. We always recommend using OpenVPN as protocol. All traffic that your computer then sends to the VPN Server and the Server sends back to your computer is encrypted with a secure 256-Bit encryption and nobody can take a look into it. So the owner of the wifi and your ISP can not track you. The VPN server acts as your marionette. It performs all the things you would have done. The governments, hackers, and spies see only the VPN server. Not you. So they don't know who performs these actions.

Encryption for security

You can prevent yourself from that in four simple steps!

  1. Search for the perfect VPN provider for you
  2. Subscribe to their service and download the software
  3. Install and configure the software
  4. Enjoy a free, open and safe Internet!

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