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ZenMate VPN

(2.5 out of 5 stars from 38 Reviews)
Clients, , , ,
Money Back Guarantee (Days)30
Max BandwidthUnlimited
Simultaneous Connections5
ProtocolsL2TP / IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP
ClientsAndroid, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows
Not part of "Fourteen Eyes"
No Log Policy

"Low Security!"



Let’s start with the country ZenMate VPN is coming from and what they say is a big advantage for them: Germany. As we described multiple times before, the so called “14 eyes countries” include Germany. Be careful to always check your VPNs land of origin. Otherwise you could endanger yourself.

Besides that, Cyberghost and Zenmate belong to one company. Read here why this is really bad.

But they advertise themselves with their locations. Based in Berlin ZenMate is “Made in Germany”. Let’s see if german technology can compete in the VPN business.

When it comes to security and decription they have the leading VPN provider level.


First of all they’re just listing 30+ server locations which indicates they don’t have a lot of them. We looked it up and our first assumption was right. They don’t have a lot. They claim to have more than 40 million users but only a few hundred servers? Just let this sink in…

Meanwhile, let’s talk about the performance. We had some problems with the speed but changed the server location 2-3 times and then it was petty stable. The performance is absolutely ok and can compete with some of the top providers.


We used ZenMate VPN on our windows desktop and tried to reconstruct average usage.

We had some problems because sometimes the client reacted deferred. The structure is like most VPN clients but not extraordinary and the user surface is ok but not revolutionary.

Installing and starting is usually very quick but inbetween the client crashed or at least seemed crashed. It took sometime to open aigain after minimizing.

VPN Scan comparison Zenmate VPN VPN Scan comparison Zenmate VPN


This experience was really frustrating and it doesn’t seem like a problem the support could solve ande yes my PC is fast enough. Also we tried it on different devices. Same situation.


VPN comparison VPN scan ZenMate


ZenMate VPN is offering 3 different plans: a 1 month, a 1 and a 2 year plan. As usual the 1 month plan is relatively expensive with 11.99$. The 1 year plan for 3.99$/month is actually in the normal range and is normal. 2 years for 2.05$/month is really cheap and sounds pretty fair to us.


VPN comparison

You can also choose between two packages. One for free with limited possibilities and a full version which leads to the plans above. This is one way to test it if you’re not into the money-back-guarantee. There is also a opportunity to upgrade to more devices. Costs depend on how many you need. (family pack +10 devices for ~10$/month extra)

VPN comparison VPN scan Zenmate



Besdies the security issues, ZenMate VPN is a solid provider. They have to raise their server counts because the top notch providers are already listed with more than 3000 servers. We still don’t know what to think about their 40-million-user-statement but we noticed some speed problems while surfing. If you’re paying on a monthly basis it’s not acceptable if there is any problem with the speed.

Another thing is their location in Berlin, Germany. Normally we wouldn’t reccomnd any VPN providers from that countries but we still couldn’t figure out how it is possible to have no log policy and absolute safety in a EU member.

The connection with Cyberghost VPn isn’t helping either. We absolutely don’t recommend this provider.

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