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(3.5 out of 5 stars from 73 Reviews)
Simultaneous Connections5
ProtocolsL2TP / IPSec, OpenVPN
ClientsAndroid, iOS, Mac, Windows
Not part of "Fourteen Eyes"
No Log Policy

Overall Rating


"Great VPN experience"


Tunnelbears Security (3.5/5)

Tunnelbear, the Canada based VPN provider aims to provide great quality to mostly beginner level VPN users. Tunnelbear offers some good security protocols and has a no-log policy, meaning that thTunnelbear Securityey do not monitor or store online activities of their users. Unfortunately this does not make your data 100% safe. By using its services, you authorize TunnelBear to use your information according to Canada’s laws, regardless of which country you are located in. This is bad news since Canada is part of the Five Eyes alliance and was busted for spying on its citizens.

Going more into details Tunnelbear offers only two different VPN protocols. Windows, Mac and Android users do get a OpenVPN protocol, while iOS uses IPSec. They encrypt your traffic with a 256-bit AES encryption that is used across all platforms.

Additionaly they offer a kill switch  that will shut down your internet connection if your VPN connection is disrupted.

Overall Tunnelbear offers a good encryption and keeps you safe all over the internet. Unfortunately their basement in Canada is a risk which adds to 3.5 of 5 points in their security.

Tunnelbears performance (3.8/5)

Tunnelbear PerformanceWhen it comes down to the performance of Tunnelbear is not on the very top of all providers but offers a decent speed. Testing them with our connection we had a drop of around 35% of our speed. Even with their GhostBear feature enabled that adds an additional encryption and should slow down our connection even a bit more, we had an average speed loss of only 40%. While this may seem high for some new VPN users, it actually is just slightly below average and still ok to use. Since we did not encounter any DNS leaks during our test we can give Tunnelbear 3.8 points for their performance.

Usability (5/5)

Tunnelbear has a well designed and lovely website. Their bear images explaining all the written

Tunnelbear Usability

A well designed website with charming bears keeps the visitors interested!

information puts a smile on all of their viewers and is one of the main reasons this provider has gotten this popular. Browsing their website and looking for VPN features has never been more interesting.We can only recommend visiting their site and to have a look on your own.



Their signup process is very straightforward. After putting in your email address and a password the site redirects you to the download page. By downloading and installing the client on your operating system you are ready to go.

The Windows Client itself has a neat design and shows moreof these lovely bears. Tunnelbear connects you to a random server after turning the service on. You can of course later manually change to your desired server.

Support (4/5)

Their Help page contains a rather big and well designed FAQ that answers the common questions and fulfills all the needs. It is split up in three parts (Getting Started, Accounts & Payments, Technical Support). To find your desired answer a Search bar helps you to get quicker solutions.

Additionally to their huge FAQ they offer a neat contact field. Tunnelbear SupportAfter choosing the category you need help in, you can hand them a short description of your problem. Their claim is to respond to any inquiry within 24 hours. Our test has shown that they always keep this promise and provide you with reliable information. Since they do miss a instant support possibility like chat or call, Tunnelbear reaches solid 4 out of 5 stars in the support category!



Tunnelbear is a great solution for all VPN beginners. It offers a very easy to use client with a well designed setup process that makes it easy for every customer to use their service. While their security and their performance are not on the very top, they still provide enough to keep a recommendation. If you are looking for a well designed service with a caring customer service and a team that puts a lot of love into their product you should consider giving Tunnelbear a try. 4.08 out of 5 possible bears (stars)!

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