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Money Back Guarantee (Days)31
Max BandwidthUnlimited
Simultaneous Connections5
ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, L2TP / IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP
ClientsAndroid, iOS, Mac, Windows
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No Log Policy

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Our PureVPN 2019 Review

PureVPN was founded back in 2006, what makes it one of the oldest player in the market. The company is based since then in Hong-Kong. More than 10 years is a long time. But have they done all their homework? Let’s find out in our (updated) review!


PureVPN Infographic

Basically, that the company is based in Hong-Kong is pretty good news for anybody who wants to be anonymous. Hong Kong has no data retention laws at all so that PureVPN does not have to keep any. But since our last review in Hong Kong happened a lot. The rising influence of the chinese government might become a problem one day.

PureVPN Review 2019

So there is a promise that there is absolutely no log data saving.Of course they could track your IP while the sign up process but we think this is tolerable and not that bad.

They limit the use of their service to only five devices per account. What is normal in this business, but not really up to date. And it means, they have to keep more logs, than stated on their website. Otherwise, such a model could not be implemented.


Pure VPN review 2019

As we said, that they are one of the oldest players on the market, they had plenty of time to build their network. They have an impressive amount of more than 2000 Servers in more than 140 countries in more than 180 locations. Which means their network is one of the biggest on the market. In addition to that, they claim to manage their whole infrastructure by themselves. What means, no third party has insight on any trafficked data on the servers. On the American continent alone they have more than 600 Servers. So there should be enough for the average VPN user. In our first test we had some connection issues, but now everything went fine and there was no problem. The installing process took a little longer than expexted but it was pretty easy. So you don’t have to be an expert to use this VPN.

In our tests gaming, streaming and downloading was absolutely fine and we had no problems. This improved a lot since our last review.


We really like the UI of the Windows Client and the android app. Everything is easy to reach, easy to understand and easy to use. They must have put a tremendous time into their user interface to have it that perfect. That is definitely the thing they do absolutely right and even for real newbies on computers, this software should be quite understandable.


The Support was not very good but improved too. They offer 24/7 support in english. You have a lot of options to contact the provider and get a fast answer.

You can get in touch with them trough e-mail or live chat. The live chat is a nice idea if it works. We had several problems with their chat and had the feeling that we were chatting with just a bot. The email support is not the fastest (but still good) but offers mostly good advises. What we are really concerned about, are the really bad comments we came across our search.

On the internet, you can read from a lot of people, that they had great problems with getting their money back but this was in the past years and since then a lot improved-


Pure VPN Review 2019

As some of their competitors, PureVPN provides a 31-Day-Money-Back Guarantee. Which they call “Risk-Free”. PureVPN offers three different price models, depending on the runtime. If you want to pay monthly you´d have to pay 10.95 per month. The benefit of it is, you can cancel without any minimum term. The second plan is the 3 months plan for 8.00 $/month. You pay at the start for the whole runtime. You can also choose the 1 xear plan for 3.33 $/month, which is more or less, what other providers charge for one year. The 1 year plan is comparatively cheap but the other options are expensive. We’re also msising a long term offer like a 2 years plan that’s eve cheaper.


PureVPN is a solid provider that has been in the market since the first days. They improved a lot through the years and they’ve built a serious image as a trustworthy provider. Thus it is a good option for an average user with normal requirements. We thaught there is still potential left to improve and we hope they keep working on their product. Who knows, maybe they could beat the top 3 someday.

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