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(5 out of 5 stars from 362 Reviews)
Clients, , , ,
Money Back Guarantee (Days)30
Max BandwidthUnlimited
Simultaneous Connections6
ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, L2TP / IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP
ClientsAndroid, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows
Not part of "Fourteen Eyes"
No Log Policy

"Best Overall Performance!"

Perfect Security
Best performance
Very Good
Good offers!

Since our first NordVPN review we’ve seen a lot of improvement and we try to update it on a regular basis.


Based in Panama, NordVPN is now one of the biggest VPN provider and one of the best choices for people looking for the highest privacy. Due to their location, they have no need to store any logs. “NordVPN does not monitor, store or record logs for any VPN user. We do not store connection time stamps, used bandwidth, traffic logs, IP addresses.”
Panama has uncensored Internet and no government surveillance. And they are not part of the “fourteen eyes countries”.
Another feature for privacy fanatics is their double VPN. Your data is not only routed through one VPN server but through two VPN servers. This makes it even harder to get to know the real identities of NordVPN-users. On the other hand, two VPN servers always mean a lot of loss in speed. If you value security over speed, this is the feature you might be looking for.
Like most providers, NordVPN also offers a Kill-Switch to prevent IP-Leaks. You can also choose an application where this Kill-Switch applies.
Some VPN-guides still claim that NordVPN has an IPv6-leak. But since the end of February 2017, they have fixed their long staying problems and it seems to work just fine now.
The provider offers bitcoin payment for a safe and anonymous payment process.


For the last years the biggest problem that NordVPN had is the speed of their servers. Due to the fact that they have just too many users, their servers are most of the time a bit overloaded. What we have noticed is that there are huge differences depending on the daytime. During the night when not many users are online, their servers seemed to be very fast and they can compete with other providers. During times when most users are online, the speed droped to a minimum. In the last randomly taken tests we noticed a big improvent. Apparently the rising server count is also responsible for the better situation. Now there are more than 5000 servers worldwide which is the best in-class status.
We do still suggest to try different servers at different times if you detect any problems. But for now we can definitly update our last review and emphasize the improvement.


Their blue and white themed Website looks nice and loads pretty fast.The website is really tidy and and easy to read. With a lot of pictures and short texts it is absolutely up to date and in our opinion it seems seroius and trustworthy. What we also liked is the focus on all the important details that a average VPN customer is looking for: availability, server counts, countries etc.The Call-to-action button is now more intrusive than before and they added a countdown for the 3-years-pakage-offer. This is really unnecessary and harms the serious image the website conveys.

Blue and white is the color of their clients too. Especially inexperienced users should have fun with using NordVPN. The software helps you find the needed settings and the needed server. The sheer amount of servers they offer is one of greatest on the whole market. No need to say more about it.
Other Devices
NordVPN supports the following operating systems
Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android
They also offer detailed setup guides for various other devices like
Linux, Blackberry 10, Chromium, various routers and NAS


We did send them different requests and always got fulfilling results. The answers were just on time. We did some research and have found some users and websites complaining about their support. While this is quite normal to find negative reviews the amount that we have found is probably a bit too much.
Anyway, we have on our own not found a single thing to complain. Our conclusion is that they have fixed their support problems and are now offering a great service!


Their offers are different in the time subscribed. The cheapest plan offered is now a 3-years plan for 2.99 $/a moth. This is really cheap but once choosen you’re caught in a 3-years plan. But for a sudden change of mind there is still the opportunity to cancel within 30 days and get your money back. The 1-year plan costs 6.99$/a month and is ok and in the same pricing range as other providers.


NordVPN offers a lot of great features. The fact that they are located in Panama is a huge plus for all privacy fans. Even their support and their client are one of the best. The immediate fix for the IPv6 Leak shows that they handle their problems with the necessary importance.
Unfortunately, the speed is a bit of a drawback. We hope that they take this problem as serious as they have taken the previous problems and do fix this as soon as possible.
We do hope that they would add some more servers and make them not that overloaded. NordVPN could be one of the best VPN Providers on the market if they would not have these issues

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