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CyberGhost VPN

(1.5 out of 5 stars from 89 Reviews)
Clients, , , ,
Money Back Guarantee (Days)45
Max BandwidthUnlimited
Simultaneous Connections7
ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP
ClientsAndroid, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows
Not part of "Fourteen Eyes"
No Log Policy

"Security Risk!"




CyberGhost VPN was founded in 2011, built up its reputation in Germany, and is now based in Romania. The background story includes European legislation that wasn’t implemented in Romania. They’re still working from Germany and seem to be the odd one out under the VPN providers.(Except ZenMate) We keep suspicious about the security topics given that European states are increasing working together and targeting services that care about your privacy. All the other companies tested were located in more secure countries. But that’s just our opinion.

Additionally it is important to check out the company behind CyberGhost VPN to be absolutely safe.

CyberGhost was sold to Kape Technologies (formerly known as Crossrider Plc), a tech company mostly known for creating and distributing malware based in Isreali.

After a short google research it’s obviously a company that’s not trustworthy. We came to these articles about malware still being spread by Kape Technologies. Malwarebytes even posted an article on how to remove a Crossrider malware. It’s obviously a shady company and VPN is all about protecting you and your data. So this is really conflicting.

As a matter of fact even the CyberGhost funder argued that his company and their investor had opposing visions and products. One tries to improve your cyber security and the other tries to break it.

Long story short, the company behind CyberGhost is not trustworthy and it’s our job to inform you that this VPN is risky.

Their decryption level on the other hand is ok. CyberGhost supports all important protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IPSec, and PPTP. By that, they can provide you different protocols for different activities. Even though we would always recommend using OpenVPN for your highest security. In addition, CyberGhost offers their users extra functionalities besides the pure VPN Service. Some of them are:

A meanwhile quite common Killswitch that prevents leaking your data when you disconnect from the VPN-Network

  • An Advertise blocking feature
  • Anti-Tracking module that tries to prevent tracking cookies etc.
  • Malicious Website Blocker

VPN scan comparison Nord VPN review

Also CyberGhost claims to keep absolutely no logs about the user. That would be perfect, but with the limitation to 7 devices, they must have at least data about that. Because of that, we suspect, they are not completely logging free.


CyberGhost VPN offers some solid performance. After testing different servers we did find a pretty solid connection just slightly below average. Unfortunately some servers had some pretty large speed and performance drops which made us worry a bit more. However if you encounter problems we recommend switching servers. This has solved our problems in 100% of all cases.


CyberGhost has a more or less revolutionary approach on how they protect you. They let you first choose what you want to do.CyberGhost One Click Options

Based on your selection, you can either connect directly and let all the options take care of by the software or define what you want (E.g. your favorite torrenting program). CyberGhost can also be used as a free program, but we definitely recommend to subscribe to the premium, if you want to use CyberGhost VPN. In the free version, you have just limited access to functions and need to wait in a queue before you can start surfing.

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If you want to have CyberGhost, but can´t afford the fee, you can wait a little time. CyberGhost has really often commercials or specials, where you can get it for just a small amount of the actual price. What we definitely can say is, that CyberGhost is really near the perfect easy to use user interface for the not so advanced. I would even say, my Grandmother of 94 years could use CyberGhost VPN without major problems. Well done CyberGhost!

Cyberghost Client


The Support itself is offered in German and English. So that the majority of their user and our reader should be covered. Besides, they offer their users one of the largest FAQ´s we have ever seen. Every question you could possibly have to their product or VPN general is answered there. To contact them directly via ticket, you need to have a premium membership. In our test, we played a silly customer who has no idea of installing the software on the computer. We received really friendly replies and helpful advises. What we were really missing is a simple chat function. A lot of problems could be solved by a short conversation.

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As mentioned before, CyberGhost has a Free Package, what is maybe okay for a first test, but in fact is just good for advertising. If you want to use it, you have to wait until it’s a slot available, what can last some time, and sometimes your connection gets closed. You have only limited bandwidth and you can only access a few Servers.

We don’t talk further about that, as we don’t like limitations. For premium users, they offer three packages, which different costs depending on the duration of the plan. One month for 12.99$ is really expensive but they probably want you to get a 3 years plan for 2.50$/months which is really ok. You could also get one year for 5.25$/month. Pricing is fair and standard for top VPN providers.

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With Cyberghost VPN you get access to more than 3600 servers located all around the world. They’re a solid provider with an easy to use handling. That’s what we would normally say. BUT. There is big BUT.

First of all we would recommend to always be aware of their legal situation in the European Union. Maybe the situation in Romania is changing some day and then what? They move their whole company to the Virgin Islands? That’s not that easy and who know what happens in between.

And the other thing is the shady company behind it. A tech compoany specialized in collecting data is suddenly keen to protect yours? We doubt it.

We don’t recommend using Cyberghost VPN because of the lack in security.



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