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The ultimate SpyOFF-VPN guide 2018

The ultimate SpyOFF-Guide 2018
We provide you with everything that you need to know about our number one SpyOFF-VPN. You’ll find every detail that you need to use/test our “Best choice”.
If you haven’t read our general review yet, we recommend reading it at first.
If you want to skip any point, please have a look at our different topics:


General Information

SpyOFF is a VPN provider based in San Marino. Because of the speed of their service, their highest security standards and their well built client, they made it to the very top of our best list. The next paragraphs will give you more details on how to use SpyOFF.

30 Day Free Trial


SpyOFF offers a completely free 30 day Trial. The trial does not have any limitations and you can use the premium service without any restrictions for the first 30 days. This could be one of the main reasons for the fast rise of the provider. Nearly no other provider offers a similar trial. This is a very safe way to get in touch with the premium provider and to test the speed and security of their service on your own. The next steps will show you how to get through the signup process for their trial.

Sign up


The Signup process contains two simple steps. In the first step you need to enter your Username, Password, Country and Email-Address. In the next step you need to enter your payment details. This step is required since the trial would automatically extend to your chosen package. You do have the option to choose between 3 different payment methods: Creditcard, PayPal, Bitcoin

Getting Started (SpyOFF-Wizard)


After your Sign up you’ll get directed to the “SpyOFF-Wizard” This wizard contains 4 steps and helps you to install and use the SpyOFF-Client.



The first step of the wizard is the overview of your registration details. Please do note them down in order to remember them


The second step is the download of the spyoff client. Simply click on the download button. The download starts immidately and you can start the installation process


The third step is the login at the spyoff client. Simply enter your username and password and you’ll see their easy to use client. If you need any more help with their client please have a look at the client guide below


The last step is to choose your desired server and click on the connect button. Please remember to choose your desired protocol (We recommend ultra secure for a maximum of security). Also remember to check if your DNS-Leak protection and Killswitch are activated! (see below)


After that you can have a look at your dashboard or member area. The User Interface shows all details that you need to manage your account and check your status.

The SpyOFF-Client


The SpyOFF Client is very well built and easy to handle. In the topbar you’ll see your connection status (connected(green) or disconnected(red)) to the service. Directly below is the spyoff-logo and your current external IP-address. In the middle you’ll see the different locations. Depending on your settings you’ll also see the different servers for each country. Below the serverlist are the different protocols. SpyOFF offers 3 different protocols. We recommend using the ultra secure one for a maximum of privacy. If you want to connect/disconnect to a server you’ll notice the green(connect) or red(disconnect) Button. On the bottom of the client screen are SpyOFFs social media links and a link to your account settings or their support. On the very bottom end you’ll once again see your connection status

Settings and Server Locations

The Clients Setting bar lets you choose your protocol or choose advanced settings:

The different protocols

Ultra Secure

Generally speaking, we recommend SpyOFF’s Ultra Secure mode. Here the extremely reliable OpenVPN protocol is used, which supports the AES encryption method with block lengths of 128 and 256 bits on all popular devices, such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Using digital certificates, OpenVPN authenticates data on both sides by means of a user name and password. When comparing the protocols, OpenVPN not only offers very good security, but also very high speed.


L2TP is the all-round alternative to our protocols and is available for iOS, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. L2TP supports the AES block cipher with key length of 128 bits, which is also combined with the Point-to-Point encryption from Microsoft. This combination is also considered highly secure and also functions extremely reliably. L2TP generally delivers a very good balance, as it achieves a middle ground with a good level of security and acceptable speed. However, the connection doesn’t quite achieve the speed of PPTP. In any case, L2TP is recommended as an alternative to OpenVPN.


With PPTP you should then really only use SpyOFF if you want to bypass country blocks when streaming and are reliant on achieving the best possible speed. The setup of PPTP may be very simple, but this encryption does have security flaws. Via PPTP only the Point-to-Point encryption from Microsoft is supported, which on the one hand ensures a very fast connection, but on the other hand causes problems if your router does not support Generic Routing Encapsulation technology.

(Advanced) Settings


General settings

Start SpyOFF with Windows

Check the box and SpyOFF will start with Windows automatically

Show disconnect confirmation

Check the box and a confirmation dialog will show up when disconnecting

Select server yourself

When this box is checked you can choose the server yourself. Otherwise the programm will pick the best server automatically

Show tooltips

Activates or deactivates the tooltips

Enhanced DNS leak protection

Set the VPN’s DNS server on all network interfaces. We recommend checking this box in order to get full security!


The language of the clients interface

Log level

Sets the details of your own (private) log files. SpyOFF does not have access to them. You can use them for own debugging purposes. We recommend setting it to standard.

If the connection gets lost

We can only recommend to set it to activate killswitch in order to not leak any details like your ip-adress while browsing with your vpn. The killswitch deactivates your whole connection in order to grant the highest security!

Reconnect retries

The maximumber number of retry attemps when the connection is lost. Only available if “reconnect automatically” is checked above.


Via SpyOFFs Expert mode, you can independently configure your VPN protocol. Here protocols such as L2TP are available to you, which is recommended if a balanced performance is required. Furthermore, PPTP delivers a very high speed, the benefits of which are most evident when streaming. In addition to a fast speed, OpenVPN also gives you the option to avail yourself of the highest level of security, which is why this SpyOFF configuration is recommended.

Connection timeout

The amount of seconds after which a connection attempt will be stopped if no connection could be established.


Change username and password

Let’s you change your login details


Link to the spyoff website with many information about all VPN topics

Log files

Link to the direction of your own private logfiles

Version number

Have a look at the version number to check if you are using the latest version

Cancel SpyOFF

Cancelling your SpyOFF subscription is very easy:
Visit and leave them a message or write them an email at and tell them that you want to cancel. A typical cancellation message is the following:

I hereby give notice that I withdraw from my contract.
– Mail: “”
– UserID: “YourUserID”
– Date: “Date”

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