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The Ultimate NordVPN Guide 2019

Ultimate NordVPN Guide 2018


NordVPN is one of the most beloved VPN services out in the market. This guide will help you through the sign up process and client settings.



NordVPN offers three different packages. Their offers are different in the time subscribed. The cheapest plan offered is now a 3-years plan for 2.99 $/a moth. This is really cheap but once choosen you’re caught in a 3-years plan. But for a sudden change of mind there is still the opportunity to cancel within 30 days and get your money back. The 1-year plan costs 6.99$/a month and is prety good and in the same pricing range as other providers. Nevertheless we recommn 3 years since it’s a good offer and keeps you safe for a long time.

Also NordVPN is a very good choice especially for people looking for a provider with a great price-performance ratio. Their “2-Year plan” with only 3.99$/month is one of the best offers on the market and saves you 72% in contrary to their 1-month plan.
All of their packages are combined with a 30-day money-back guarantee and are the perfect choice for VPN beginners.
We recommend choosing the package that fits your needs the most. If you want to gain the most savings, you should choose the 2-year plan!


Sign Up

NordVPN does have a very clean Sign up process. It consists three easy steps

  1. Choose a Plan That Works for You

    Choose a package that fits your needs. Have a look at our package description above.

  2. Enter your email

    Enter your email in order to create an account. They offfer a privacy guarantee that stats that they will not share your information and will only contact you as needed to provide their service.

  3. Select Your Preferred Method of Payment

    They do offer the three basic payment options (PayPal, CreditCard & bitcoin) as well as other payment options like Alipay, Yandexpay or iDeal.

After clicking on Join Now, the sign up process is done and you get a confirmation of the successfull payment.

NordVPN software

The next steps will show you how to install the NordVPN software and how to use it. It will guide you through the different settings and helps you to configure the NordVPN-client to your needs.


  1. Visit NordVPNs download page and choose your operating system.
  2. NordVPN Download Button
    Click on the download button to start your download. After that do the setup by right-clicking on the file and choosing “Run as Administrator”. This will complete the installation and will open it for the first time
  3. After the installation you have to log in with your credentials to use it. Enter your “Username” and “Password” that you obtained from your welcoming email. Also remember to check the box beside “Remember me” so that you will not have to reenter your credentials every time you launch the client software.


Software Settings

Before connecting to NordVPN you should have a look at their settings.

    • Kill Switch

      We recommend setting the kill switch to ON in order to not leak any private data if the connection should close unintendedly

    • Notfications

      We recommend leaving this at ON in order to get remembered that switching servers did work like intended.

    • Notfications

      We recommend leaving this at ON in order to get remembered that switching servers did work like intended.

    • Start minimized

      We recommend leaving this at OFF in order to be able to see if your VPN connection is enabled right from the start.

    • System of measurement

      This sets the system of measurement of the server distances. Use the metric system that you are used to!

    • Show Advanced Settings

      Click on this to find the advanced settings.


  • Server List

    Set this to ON in order to see the server list

VPN Scan comparison Nord VPN

  • Map

    This is personal preferance. We have set it to ON because we like the little map that is shown

VPN scan comparison Nord VPN review

  • Protocol

    This is the first real advanced setting. This sets the wether the protocols use TCP or UDP. We recommend leaving it on UDP. There are some cases where this does not work. Set it to TCP if you should encounter any connection problems

  • Custom DNS

    You can set up a default DNS server here if you wish to. The basic user shouldnt need this setting, since NordVPN does have a DNS leak.

  • Obfuscated Servers

    Obfuscated servers should be OFF by default. If you find yourself in a country where the government actively blocks a VPN connection (like China) you should use this option.


Connecting to a server

There are different options to select and connect to a server.

    • Map

      Simply click on a blue marker and it connects you to the location

    • Auto Setup

      You may choose between the different use cases of a VPN and the software automatically connects you to the best server. This is a very beginner friendly way of choosing the right server for your needs

  • Server List

    The server list shows the different countries and servers that are available for connecting. Choose your desired server and click on the connect button. Easy!

After establishing a connecting you can enjoy your anonymous browsing without any georestrictions!


How to Cancel NordVPN

The next sections will show you how to cancel your NordVPN subscription or how to use your money-back guarantee.


  1. Visit the NordVPN support page and choose your preferred way of contacting them. We recommend using E-Mail since you do have the confirmation of the message in your sent messages.
  2. Now send them a mail stating that you would like to close your account and that you would like to get a refund.
  3. You will receive an answer where they are asking you to explain why you no longer need the service. This is a routine procedure
  4. Simply answer by telling them any reason (No real reason needed)
  5. You will receive a short answer stating that they will cancel your subscription and issue a refund.

Cancel your subscription

If you have purchased NordVPN via PayPal or Credit Card you do have an ongoing subscription.
In order to cancel the recurring payment, simply log in to your profile on the NordVPN website, go to My Account, click on Payments and at the bottom you will see Cancel Subscription, click on it, select the reason of the cancellation then click on yellow Continue button. Afterwards click yellow Continue button once again, and finally click the yellow Cancel My Subscription button to verify your recurring subscription cancellation.


NordVPN is a very powerfull VPN service with low costs. If you are interested in signing up to their service simply click on the button below!


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Leo Morin January 14, 2019 at 2:29 pm

I personally can suggest NordVPN which is worth trying out. It works well both on my mac and iOS, so I never had problems with their service. They also sent me a discount code to share with my friends…


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