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SpyOFF Update 2019 – Get to know the changes

SpyOFF VPN did a great spring clean to their software and their website, therefore we decided to take a second look on their contents. In the course of this we tested the new features of the client, the new leak tests and their chat support feature.
If you want to read a certain chapter, here is a summary of the todays topics:

The new client

The client itself got a total rebrush. No more unnecessary stuff, just a screen where you get to know wether you are connected or not. If not, you can connect to the recent position by just clicking on the huge On/Off Button. We think the beforehand great usability has become even better.

Old Client


New Client

Choose a location

If you want to choose where your next VPN journey should go to, you can simply click the "Choose location" button and then you get to the Location screen. On the location screen you can choose from a great variety of locations.


Choose a server just by the country by clicking on it

Choose the location you want to be connected to by clicking on the city

Next to the Search feature to search for a specific country or city you now have a few more options. You can choose either:

  • Connect to a certain country, without additional options
  • Connect to a certain city, by clicking on the small triangle on the left of the country
  • Connect to the fastest available VPN Server by clicking on "Smart Location"

The Smart Location feature was just released and is helpfull if you just need your traces to be blurred.

It will connect you to the fastest avaiable server. Mostly that will be a server that is in your country or near your country, because there you got the lowest latency


Thanks to the rebrush of the client, the connection process also looks a lot different than before.


While the connection is established, you get to see a little animation

When the connection is successfully established, the screen turns green and you can surf the internet totally anonymous

Leak tests

Another really awesome feature of the huge update, that also shows the dedication of SpyOFF VPN to safe their user from surveillance is, that they introduced some tests that reveal if somehow your real IP address is leaking.

You now can go to their website and check if you are suffering from a DNS Leak or a WebRTC Leak.

This feature is hidden in the upper right corner of your client.

To test, if your DNS or your WebRTC is leaking and therefore restrict your privacy, you can test it here:

DNS Leak Test
WebRTC Leak Test

Live Support

Since the userbase of SpyOFF is growing constantly and the need of good support is either, SpyOFF now introduced a Live Support via Chat to their customers. You can chat with the friendly supporters by just logging in to our member area and typing in to the opening textfield.

To put their speed and friendlieness on the test, we impersonated  a user who is not that familiar with computers. To be fair, we really tried our best. But the supporter answered within seconds and did his best to help us with our made up problem.


The update did another great step into the right direction and we are really happy to announce that we managed to workout another great deal for our customers:



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