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Find Your Perfect VPN!

There are so many VPN providers on the internet right now! To keep an overview of all the different providers and prices, as well as sorting out the black sheep, we created this website.

We reviewed all of the most common providers out there to help you compare the different features and find the perfect service for your online security and anonymity.

Are you new to the whole technology? In addition to our VPN scanning, we provide expert information about how a VPN works and how to use it. You can learn more about online security and anonymity in our blog posts.

Have fun with our reviews and feel free to leave a short review!

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Who is VPN-Scan?

We are a group of technology enthusiasts who are fighting for online freedom and security. With VPN technology, the users get their privacy back and we are supporting this cause.
Sadly, due to the overwhelming range of VPN providers and “independent” comparison sites, it is hard to find the right VPN product for your needs.
With our website VPN-Scan, we want to help you find the product you are looking for.

This makes us special:

Many VPN comparison sites are paid by the VPN providers to rank their product better and write the reviews the want! This is not what a comparison site is for!
We promise our reviews are:

  • Based on real testing and evaluation
  • Provided by experts
  • Independent from the provider

The online VPN advice 2018 – find your perfect VPN

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A VPN is the perfect tool to hide your IP address and secure your online privacy. Regardless if you are an absolute security expert or just an average internet user. Both can benefit greatly from securing their privacy with a VPN. Not only does a VPN secure your privacy, it also helps getting rid of tracking and over-zealous lawyers. In the following chapters, we provide you with all the information you need so that you can choose the perfect service for yourself!

What should you check before signing a VPN contract?

Scheme drawing of a Checklist

There are plenty of functionalities and characteristics which are important. Some of them are a must some are just nice to have. You need to decide, which features are the most important for you. It depends on, how muchdata you want to load over the network, how many devices you want to secure with, which devices you want to secure and if you need specific protocols. We show you in our advisor, what is the most important and what can be neglected.

  • Free VPN or paid?
  • Available bandwidth
  • Amount of connectable devices
  • Supported devices
  • Protocols
  • Location of the Provider
Picture of money for a paid VPN Service

Why you should never choose a free VPN

A lot of people want to have a free VPN. On the Internet, most people try to find free alternatives to any software they use. But in case of a tool that should better your privacy and security, it is, unfortunately, the wrong approach. To provide a service like this you need to have a huge infrastructure with servers, network devices and employees. That cost a lot of money, which must be earned somehow. If you want to use a free VPN, you should take in mind, that the money for the infrastructure must be earned. You know with certainty, that if something is free, your data is the payment. Although you actually wanted to protect your data by using a VPN service, you should swallow the bitter pill and spend some dollars on a paid one. You can find a good collection of paid providers in our reviews and choose the best matching for you!

Speedometer of VPN-Download Speed

The importance of a VPN with unlimited bandwith

If you want to stream your favorite series, download games or use torrents, it is most important your VPN doesn’t cut you off. This will happen if your VPN provider is only offering certain amounts of data traffic?. in times of high definition streams and 4k game-graphics you should never take a VPN provider who limits the data. Often the providers link the limitless bandwidth of their VPN to a paid Subscription. But are they worth it? Find out in our review section!

scheme of multiple devices

How many devices am I able to connect simultaneously?

Often you don’t think about how many devices you want to connect to the VPN at the same time. But if you take a second to think about it, you will see that this is really important. If you have a tablet, a smartphone, a desktop computer and a laptop you, you already need to connect 4 devices. Now if you want to keep your moms notebook and smartphone secure too, the amount is already six. And as you may also have experienced, you only get to know the real requirements afterward. We always recommend, to better be safe than sorry and choose a provider, that offers more devices, than you currently need. To be safe, just in case.

Scheme of Multiple Operating Systems

Which devices should be supported?

To answer this question, you need to think about, which devices you currently own. If you got, for example, a Windows10 computer, a MacBook Pro, an iPad and a Pixel phone, you will have to look for a provider who supports Windows, OSX, iOS and Android. And that can be quite a challenge. Often the providers specialize in one or two devices and the rest gets left out or poorly implemented. To find a provider that offers support for all your needed devices, you can try our decision helper. In the “Usability” section you can check if we specially tested the particular application on your device.

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Which protocol is important for me?

VPN protocols are basically rules, which define the format, content, meaning and the sequence on how messages are sent between devices. There are a lot of different protocols out there, which are good for different tasks. Unfortunately, some of them are pretty outdated nowadays.

  • L2TP / IPSec
  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP

PPTP is indeed available for the most operating systems, but should not be used. The encryption is too weak and can be cracked easily. If available we always recommend to use OpenVPN since it is fast, reliable and so far not cracked.


Where should the providers have their office location

This question is a bit tricky because a lot of companies try to keep their location private. It is of great importance to choose a provider who operates in a country, where he is not committed by law to hand personal information about you to authorities. Another big problem is data retention laws. In a lot of countries, the providers are committed by law to keep all of your information, your browsing habits, your search history and so on. Therefore you should choose a provider whose location is outside of countries with uncomfortable laws. You can easily see if a provider is in a “14-eyes country” or not by taking a look at our review-list. You also can checkmark this option on our decision helper tool. In the most of our reviews, you will also find a short passage about the data laws in the country where the provider has its headquarters.