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VPN FAQ – VPN Services without Logfiles

VPN without logfiles

Log free – the myth

If you are searching for a VPN, you often come across the “We are totally Log free” or “100% Log free” Statement. A lot of people tend to think that it is extremely important to have a provider who guarantees to have no logs. But this is often a false approach or just a misinformation. First of all, you have to distinguish between the pure technical once, and these who can identify you and your browsing. Pure technical should be no problem and is widely common even in the VPN market. This means the providers log the traffic on their servers to determine peaks and weaknesses. These logs can be fully anonym, and therefore no problem. The others, the more problematic ones, are the logs which are or can be connected to a specific user. This often occurs, even at “log free” VPN´s. You may ask how to detect these. Well, this is pretty easy.

Detect the not so log free Providers

In the VPN market, almost every provider calls them as “log free”. What is nice on the first sight. But if you read a bit more on their website, they say there are certain kinds of limitation. Whether it is traffic limitation or the number of connectable devices or even some things you can not do with the certain VPN (like P2P or Torrenting). That’s where the statement “log free” gets a myth. Think about that: How should a VPN provider limit the service to e.g. five devices, if he truly doesn´t know anything about the user? How should he know, that the user is already connected with five devices if he does not save anything about the user? Could be though, right?


Who has the data?

Often the users think, that if the VPN provider does not save Where the spys get their data from log free vpnsany log files, this is enough and they are secure. The big problem here is now, often the VPN provider is completely irrelevant or couldn’t even give any information to the authorities. Simply because they don’t have any. A lot of the “premium” VPN providers are not in charge of the servers they offer in their service. They just rent servers at big hosting companies, where the users then can connect to. The hardware and the IP, however, are belonging to the Hoster. So if authorities want to now something about a server, they ask the hoster for the data. And even if the VPN Provider doesn’t have any logs, the owner of the servers could.


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