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If your location and your IP match your real ones you should see how easy it is to get tracked. By using a VPN you can spoof your IP and location to your needs. Have a look at our short provider comparison and take a look at their free trials! Getting your privacy back has never been easier!



What is geolocation?

The pairing of an IP address to a geographical location is called gelocation. Additional to the location many other attributes can be attached to your IP-Address

What is the use of this?

Many websites like webshops or other ecommerce websites want to know where their potential customers are comming from. Furthermore they want to gain as much details as possible about their users in order to make the most profit. Users from different countries get different prices, your expensive Graphics Card shows that you could pay more than other customers or Mac Users often do earn more money and are therefore a wanted target for webshops. These are just 3 simple examples on this topic. Isn’t it weird to know that some users are getting treated better or worse than others? Among others this is a reason why we established this site and want to show our users a way to gain back an anonymous way of browsing online.

Get back your privacy!

  • To hide your IP and encrypt your traffic we can only suggest using a VPN! Have look at our provider comparison.
  • Use a secure browser and search engine
  • Get yourself a scriptblocker like NoScript
  • Spoof your Webbrowser
  • Delete your cookies regularly with an addon like “Self-Destructing Cookies”