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Finding a VPN for personal use can be frustrating: Looking through all the different Providers. Collecting all the important information on the website and clarify that they are true. Try to look through the pricing tables and then try to evaluate which is the right one.

We try to simplify this process with our decision helper tooler. Just enter all the features that are important for you and we show you a handpicked selection of providers we can truly recommend.

Choose which protocol you need the most
On which operating system will you need the VPN the most?
How many Connections should be possible with your new VPN?
Should your provider not be part of the 14 eyes? We recommend yes here!
Do you wish that the provider of your new VPN has a no Log Policy?
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General list:

Have a look at the different providers and find yourself a fitting one. In order to show your filtered results click on the “Filter”-Button above

ZenMate VPN
CyberGhost VPN